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4 Home Health and Home Care Beliefs That Aren’t True

4 Home Health and Home Care Beliefs That Aren’t True

Do you believe that home health care services in Riverside, California are only for older adults? This article seeks to correct that and three other false notions the general public believes about home care and home health care.

  1. Home health care and home care services are only for the older adult population.

    Even though most home care and home health care clients are seniors, these services aren’t just geared toward the said population group. Anyone can call a home service or home health service provider, even new parents still adjusting to having a newborn in the house!

    Providers do differ on who their target market is. Some aim at providing for the care needs of older adults. Others cater to the developmentally disabled, chronically ill, recovering-at-home patients, and helping new parents aside from seniors. There are those who specialize in children, end-of-life care and people with dementia.
    All you have to do is do your research and look for a provider that caters to your or your loved one’s care needs.

  2. My loved one is better off staying in a medical facility as they won’t get proper skilled nursing care at home.

    There are home health care providers capable of handling and providing complex medical needs at home. The Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care team is one of these. Our licensed, registered, practical and vocational nurses can handle a wide range of skilled nursing care needs — from proper health assessments to IV therapies, wound care, patient health education and nutrition as well as specimen collection for lab tests.

    By choosing home recovery over prolonged facility stay, you or your loved ones reap these benefit:

    • Lesser risks of getting nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections.
    • A clean home environment gives the patient better chances of recovering faster. You don’t have to deal with constant sleep interruptions, noise, and lights when at home.
    • Having your family and loved ones nearby can bring great wellness to your mental and emotional health.
  3. It is expensive.

    Actually, home health and home care services are affordable alternatives to assisted and facility living as well as a prolonged hospital stay. The average cost of the former amounts to $544 daily. On one hand, the latter’s daily average cost per visit is $132.

  4. I am my loved one’s primary caregiver. There’s no need for home health care and home care services in California when there’s already me.

Home care and home health care providers work hand-in-hand with family caregivers to give proper quality care to patients. Caregiver burnout is real. And with carers saddled not just with the caring responsibilities of their loved ones but with work, family and personal life duties as well, it’s most likely to happen.

As a caregiver, “the only mistake you can make is not asking for help” (Sandeep Jauhar).

So, don’t think less of home care and home health care services as well as at-home physical therapy in California.

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