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5 Things Patient Education Teaches Us


Being the patients we are, we may lack knowledge in our condition and why we are being advised to skilled nursing services. Don’t you just dislike taking a prescribed medicine without even knowing how it can affect you and your performance? Giving patient education a highlight, we’d like to impart 5 things we can learn from patient education.

  1. Not all patients understand their conditions.

    Sometimes, especially for individuals with minimal medical background or individuals who don’t often go to doctors, some terms will sound like jargons. Of course, doctors communicate information in the simplest manner a patient can understand but there are still underlying consequences patients won’t know.

  2. Patient education can encourage healing.

    When knowing and getting explanations on why a patient fell ill and how this illness can be overcome, encouragement and motivation to heal can be increased. So let’s educate our patients together. Let’s share our knowledge on related diseases or side effects that a patient might face.

  3. Patients can learn how to take care of themselves better.

    Primarily, skilled nurses or nurses, in general, are the ones attending firsthand to patients. As nurses, it’s important to be encouraging as well and update the patient about their condition.

  4. Patient education also helps in spreading awareness of the side effects of medication, action to take when missing to take prescribed medication, and the likes.

    This can then lessen the worry and panic of a patient, especially when it comes to medication.

  5. Patient education helps with health maintenance.

    Not only are we doing our jobs as nurses, but we’re also teaching and helping our patients to care for themselves more. So even when our services end or an individual opts to discontinue services end, our patients know how to take good care of themselves in one way or another.

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