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5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Senior Loved One


Is taking care of your senior loved one getting difficult and sometimes, even frustrating? If that’s the case, please remember not to lash out on your loved ones and respond as gently as you can with respect. As care providers, we can relate to the challenges of addressing to a senior loved one’s needs. Here are some tips on how to handle difficult situations with your senior loved one:

  1. When your senior loved one complains about back pain, don’t just treat the symptoms but do something to help them overcome it.

    One solution we can refer to is physical therapy. Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care provides physical therapy in California. We can help your loved one overcome the excruciating back pain through core strengthening in which we design a program and exercises for your loved one to do. Core strengthening is not just limited to exercising the abdomen, but it includes the back muscles as well, helping improve posture and avoid the dreaded back pains.

  2. When your loved one refuses to take a bath, don’t raise your voice. Be gentle, give your loved one a minute, and try again.

    It’s also important to recognize the reason as to why your loved one would refuse to take a bath. So, communicate with your loved one. After knowing the reason, figure out a way to state what needs to be done in a different manner—don’t ever use force and always exercise respect.

  3. Fear sometimes overpowers our senior loved ones caused by various reasons. Don’t panic and think of ways to appease and restore the feeling of security your loved one should have.

    Try calming your senior loved one down by talking gently. You can also put on some relaxing music or a nice soothing scent by using a humidifier. More than all of these things, perhaps your loved one also needs the warmth of a hug. Remember to always communicate with your loved one and learn what they want.

  4. Be considerate and ask your senior loved one how they want to do things and what things they want you to do or not do.

    As primary caregivers, it’s important to treat our senior loved ones the way we want to be treated. We’ll be in their shoes sooner than we think so it’s always good to be considerate and give our senior loved ones that comfort and joy we’d want to feel.

  5. Make sure to scan your house for objects that obstruct or might cause accidents to your senior loved one.

    Get your house evaluated by professional home health care providers and get advice and extra help as well.

Providing health care services in Riverside, California, we know exactly what you’re going through. Being a caregiver is challenging but immensely rewarding as well. Of course, we need to take care of our own health so allow us to be of help in taking care of your senior loved one. For home health care services, call us at 951-788-0202.

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