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Fall Prevention: 5 Tricks That Will Make Your Home Much Safer


Should falls really be a matter of concern? For seniors, it should be.

You see, as you get older, your body begins to change. You may have noticed some of those changes yourself, even!

One of the most notable things about aging is that you’re no longer able to get around easily. Apart from that, the natural aging process also diminishes bone mass, leaving your bones more prone to breakage under a minimal force.

These changes combined make falls dangerous. With one wrong step, you could lose your balance and accidentally break a hip. On no!

Don’t worry, you can help avoid those accidents from happening by:

  1. Tidying the floor area.

    Potted plants, stacks of books, and other items can sometimes get in your way or snag unto your clothes, causing you to trip.

    Clear your walkway as much as possible, so you can get around the house easily without having to worry about knocking something over. As an added preventive measure, take to wearing clothes and footwear that fit snugly to prevent them from getting caught in hinges.

  2. Securing all cords and wiring.

    hese are items we can’t easily remove from the floor. However, we can put them out of our path by coiling them to the side.

    To keep your wires and cords organized, you can fold them up separately and hold them in place with an empty toilet paper tube you have at home. It’s an easy and cost-effective means of organizing! If you want, you can even label the tubes with a marker so you know which cord is which.

  3. Tucking into place any loose tiles or floorboards.

    Chips on tiles and unhinged tiles/floorboards can be dangerous. Not only can they cause you to trip, but the sharp edges could also scrape at your skin! Ouch!

    Prevent this before it happens by repairing or replacing floor tiles or floorboards as soon as possible.

  4. Adding anti-slip mats.

    Bathrooms and kitchens can get really slippery when the floor gets wet. And you can’t exactly stop cooking meals or taking a bath just to avoid a fall. You would be compromising your health and comfort if you did.

    Remedy the situation by placing a couple of anti-slip mats in those areas.

  5. Taking physical therapy.

    While your body may change from age, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help that.

    With physical therapy, you can build muscle strength and enhance your overall mobility. And no, you don’t need to travel to the clinic just to enjoy therapy.

With the help of Total Home Health Agency and Hospice Care, you can take advantage of physical therapy in California, RIGHT AT HOME! Isn’t that convenient?

You can also receive other quality healthcare services in Riverside, California, from Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care.

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