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Maintaining Your Independence with a Disability

Becoming disabled can be a very difficult time, both physically and emotionally. It can be easy to think that you are losing your independence and ability to do the things you love, due to the disability you have sustained. However, we believe that the only disability is choosing not to improve yourself and we are … Continue reading

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Recovering in the Comfort of Home

When you are recovering from a major surgical operation or an illness, you will have two different options. You could stay in the hospital or you can receive the support you need in the comfort of home. Typically, it is a much better idea to recover at home due to the numerous benefits such as … Continue reading

Fall Prevention: 5 Tricks That Will Make Your Home Much Safer

Should falls really be a matter of concern? For seniors, it should be. You see, as you get older, your body begins to change. You may have noticed some of those changes yourself, even! One of the most notable things about aging is that you’re no longer able to get around easily. Apart from that, … Continue reading

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Easy Tips That Will Help You Look Your Best Even After 60!

There are many kinds of beauty. Just as the flowers in your garden look astonishing, so do the city lights that glimmer at night. Do you see how wildly different they both are? But even so, you can call each of them beautiful. The same thing goes with youth and aging. Being at the prime … Continue reading

5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Senior Loved One

Is taking care of your senior loved one getting difficult and sometimes, even frustrating? If that’s the case, please remember not to lash out on your loved ones and respond as gently as you can with respect. As care providers, we can relate to the challenges of addressing to a senior loved one’s needs. Here … Continue reading

5 Things Patient Education Teaches Us

Being the patients we are, we may lack knowledge in our condition and why we are being advised to skilled nursing services. Don’t you just dislike taking a prescribed medicine without even knowing how it can affect you and your performance? Giving patient education a highlight, we’d like to impart 5 things we can learn … Continue reading