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Skilled Nursing at Home: What Can You Expect?

A common misconception that many people have on home care services in California is that it is primarily used for the elderly. However, even though we provide support to senior citizens, we are also able to help adults and children as well. It is our goal to provide exceptional and personalized in-home health care services … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Your Feet: Therapy

If you have endured an injury, surgical operation, or a new disability, one of the toughest things is finding the motivation to get back on your feet. It can feel like you have lost everything in a single moment but it does not mean you cannot get back to where you were, once before. Through … Continue reading

Selective Mutism: What and Why You Need to Know About It

What is selective mutism? It is a speech condition wherein the person, usually kids, don’t talk in selected situations. When a child has selective mutism, they tend to talk only in places or times that they find comfortable. According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, this condition usually occurs when the child is about to … Continue reading

Carers! Here Are 6 Benefits You or Your Loved Ones Can Get from Home Health Care

Wouldn’t you pick a better alternative if you had a choice? Well, rather than getting health care from your local hospital or clinic, you should choose home health care because… It helps you save more than just gas money. There’s no need to travel just to get the health care you need. Now, you get … Continue reading