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How Our Home Health Aide Helps in Maintaining Good Hygiene


As we provide quality home care services in California, we partner with you, family caregivers, in ensuring that your family members at home are well-tended to. Aside from the usual family chores that you need assistance with, we can also help you out in administering the hygiene needs of your loved ones, especially those who are bedbound, seniors, and with disabilities.

For this post, we would like to highlight the value of a person’s hygiene. No matter your physical condition, your hygiene has to be monitored as this is your first line of defense against infection. You wouldn’t want an infection to enter your home if you have vulnerable members in the family, right?

Among others, here are the top hygiene practices that we will be glad to assist you with:

  • Regular bathing
    Taking a bath requires assistance and supervision if the persons in need are seniors with mobility problems or those who are already bedbound. Even if they have challenges in moving about, they still need to be washed and cleaned regularly. Seniors don’t need to be bathed daily as this can be unhealthy for their skin. But they still need to be cleaned, shampooed, and washed, especially in their hair, armpits, and private parts.
  • Washing hands
    Our team providing health care services in Riverside, California helps ensure that your family member practices washing their hands regularly. After all, the hands are frequently used even for seniors and the bed-bound. Hand-washing is an essential practice especially before eating, after sneezing, right after using the restroom, and other activities that can possibly spread infection.
  • Teeth brushing
    Providing oral care to seniors is very important as it reduces the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, which causes bad breath, gum disease, and other tooth problems. Seniors can face more complicated health issues when their oral needs are not cared for. When you also have bad gums, this can also loosen the teeth, resulting in eating difficulties and malnutrition.
  • Hair and nail care
    The hair and nails are the external parts that can easily be neglected. However, when they’re not well attended to, they can make even the seniors look unhealthy and even cause health problems. Dirt underneath the nails can get infected and causes the thriving of fungi. With assistance from care providers, these hygienic needs of your aging loved one can be managed.

Do you know that poor hygiene can also signal poor health condition? When your aging loved one is not taking a bath or not having changed their clothes, this could mean that they’re having difficulties doing so. Some seniors who go through depression no longer care about their hygiene. Hence, it’s very vital that you help your loved one manage their hygiene needs as this also improves their health.

With our experienced and highly qualified care team at Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care, your aging family member will receive the quality service that they deserve.

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