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Skilled Nursing at Home: What Can You Expect?


A common misconception that many people have on home care services in California is that it is primarily used for the elderly. However, even though we provide support to senior citizens, we are also able to help adults and children as well. It is our goal to provide exceptional and personalized in-home health care services that can help improve your quality of life and health.

Here are a few of the many things you can expect from our health care services in Riverside, California:

  • Health Evaluations

    Our primary focus is to help you improve your health and in order to do this, we need to know the current state of your health is, at all times. We will evaluate your health on a regular basis in order to personalize our care services to ensure you are receiving the best support possible.

  • Medications

    When you need to take medications on a regular basis, it is important that you are taking them on time and properly. This is something we can help you with. We will remind you and even help administer the medication for you.

  • Wound Care

    If you were injured, we can provide exceptional wound care services in the comfort of home. This means you do not have to spend a fortune recovering in an uncomfortable hospital room.

  • Lab Test

    We can collect lab specimens, in order to conduct lab tests. We know that going to a clinic for a lab test can be a hassle and for this reason, we are able to get the samples we need in your home. We will then forward it onto the laboratory for testing.

  • Education

    Not only can we provide you with personalized health care services and some of the best physical therapy in California but we can also educate you. The first step towards improving your health is learning more about it and what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle.

Those are just a few of the many things you can expect from our skilled nursing services. Through these services, it is our passion to help you continue living the healthy and full lifestyle you love. If you would like to find out more about these services or about the many other ways we can support you, please feel free to get in touch with Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care anytime.

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