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The Role of Home Health Care in Arthritis Management

The Role of Home Health Care in Arthritis Management

Seniors can be prone to different forms of age-related difficulties, and arthritis is one of them. Arthritis is not a single ailment, but a collective term provided to different forms of joint pains and inflammation. In other words, your loved one may go through a certain kind of arthritis different from others you know.

On the brighter side, arthritis is very manageable, especially when you receive services of physical therapy in California, which can be provided right in your own home. These forms of home health care services can help you pursue the quality of life you deserve to have even with arthritis.

Here are the ways that home health care providers can help you manage arthritis.

  • Administer Medications
    There are many different medications available to relieve arthritis pains. The most common ones are topical medicines, which are either prescribed or purchased over the counter. For some seniors, administering the medication can be difficult to achieve on their own. Home health care providers will do it for them, while ensuring that the instructions to these medications are properly complied with.
  • Companionship During Exercises
    Arthritis pains can be reduced when your loved ones are able to maintain a particular posture correctly or improve their range of motion. This can be achieved through certain exercise routines that your loved one can do. These routines can also be prescribed by a physical therapist or your loved one’s primary physician. A provider of health care services in Riverside, California can keep them company as they perform these routines.
  • Selecting and Putting on Shoes
    Your loved one with arthritis needs to have special shoes to wear so that they will not apply too much pressure on their knees. Excessive pressure can aggravate painful joints, especially on the knee area. A health care provider can help you decide on getting the best option for footwear, while also ensuring that your loved one gets to wear these shoes as often as necessary.
  • Applying Compress
    Painful joints can be relieved with certain compress applications, whether it’s hot or cold. Preparing for these compress equipment can be done by home health care providers so that your loved ones can minimize the suffering from their painful joints. They can also assist your loved ones in applying this warm or cold compress so that their pain complaints can be abated.
  • Doing Meditation
    The discipline of the mind can also help individuals with arthritis in managing their pain. When they are able to focus on certain aspects, they can learn to relax and breathe properly, which can greatly reduce the sensations of pain.

At Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care, we continue to assist your care needs at home to make your living conditions easier and more manageable. If you’re looking for home care services in California for your loved one, we’ll be right here to assist you. Our team of compassionate and well-trained providers can be the extra hands you need.

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