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The Role of Skilled Nurses in Diabetes Management

The Role of Skilled Nurses in Diabetes Management

Diabetes is very common in the country, whether it’s type 1 or type 2. Furthermore, the more a person’s years advance, the more extensive their diabetes management should be. This is because the senior years can reduce a person’s ability to protect oneself from infection which can get easily complicated when one has diabetes.

Any family member can assist your loved one in providing quality diabetes care, especially when it’s for the elderly loved one. However, skilled nurses providing health care services in Riverside, California can extend a different kind of approach in diabetic care which they can do even when you’re not around to supervise.

Consider the following ways that a skilled nurse can assist on the diabetes management of your loved one even when they’re at home:

  • Monitoring Glucose Level
    Diabetic patients need to always be aware of their sugar level, as this can determine how far the illness can affect them. However, some seniors may have dexterity problems that can make it difficult to undergo this test. Furthermore, when you’re not around, you can’t simply assign the testing to a family member who’s not skilled to do it. A skilled nurse can undertake this testing procedure for your loved one’s wellbeing.
  • Managing Wounds
    Wound healing becomes difficult for someone with diabetes, especially when they’re already in the senior years. Hence, it’s very important that these wounds have to be properly treated and cleaned so they will not get infected. For complicated wound conditions of diabetic patients, skilled nurses have the training to assist in wound care.
  • Managing Medications
    When diabetic patients need to take medications, they have to adhere to the right dosage and schedule in order to ensure the medicine’s effectiveness. However, the patient may forget about the schedule, or may have the wrong dose, especially if they’re seniors and unassisted. The skilled nurse knows the importance and purpose of these medications so they can help see to it that the medications are adhered to.
  • Preparing Meals
    Most skilled nurses who assist with diabetic patients work with professionals who also provide home care services in California. With their knowledge on nutrition and health requirements of a diabetic patients, they can also supervise in the meal preparation of your loved one’s meals to ensure that they’re eating only what’s right and healthy for their diabetic condition.
  • Assistance in Regular Exercises
    The active lifestyle is also very essential for diabetic patients as this can help flush out glucose in the body. The more active they are, the better they can manage their diabetes. Skilled nurses can also work with therapists providing physical therapy in California so that your loved one can accomplish the required activity for the day.

These are among the many ways that a skilled nurse can assist your diabetic loved one at home, especially if they’re seniors. If you would like assistance from these professionals, you can connect with us at Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care.

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