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Ways to Benefit from a Skilled Nurse at Home


More and more seniors from the baby boomer generation are inclined to get care assistance in the comfort of their homes especially as there are easily accessible providers of health care services in Riverside, California. Many of these services include skilled nursing care, particularly when your aging loved one at home is in need of long-term medical attention.

Skilled nurses have different specialties but the most prominent of these is the quality of their care and service in everything they do. When you’re getting assistance from skilled nurses who can serve at home, here are the benefits you or your loved one can enjoy.

  • Medication Administration Needs
    Nurses in charge of providing skilled nursing services are allowed to administer medications to the client. This is because they have been medically trained and certified for this. They can also understand the doctor’s medication instructions as well as communicate the necessity of the administration in a way that the patient and their family will understand.
  • Diligent Care in Wound Dressing
    There are types of wound services that require the attention of skilled nurses. The prominent example is diabetes wounds, wherein a patient’s wound can aggressively grow complicated and might result in amputation. Skilled nurses can also take charge of dressing wounds for patients who have just been through surgery.
  • Medical Therapy for Chronically Ill
    Part of the extensive qualities of a skilled nurse is the administration of additional medical therapy required of the patients especially those with chronic illnesses. Some patients who need the services of physical therapy in California will need assistance on carrying out the routines. Skilled nurses can be effective assistants in fulfilling these activities.
  • Working Towards Recovery
    Skilled nurses are also well-trained in promoting quality patient care especially in being the patient’s advocate to the doctor. Many patients find it hard to explain their specific conditions to their primary physicians, but nurses have a closer relationship with the patients which means that they can interpret the patients’ needs in order for the doctor to provide better options for faster recovery.
  • Assistance with ADL
    When the patient also needs assistance on their activities of daily living and other home care services in California, skilled nurses can also provide this help. With their acquired knowledge and skills in caregiving, these nurses will have sufficient understanding on how to better assist a patient when they take a bath, find better ways to encourage them to eat and secure efficient ways to make them cheerful for the day.

Partnering with skilled nurses can truly be elevating for your loved one’s conditions at home. If you’re interested to learn more about how a skilled nurse can help your family member at home, connect with us at Total Care Home Health Agency and Hospice Care. Our team is ready to provide you with quality skilled nursing care service tailor-fit to your loved one’s needs at home. Keep in touch with us to inquire.

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